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Bandinterview: ACHERONTAS




Sturmglanz: First of all thank you for the interview. In the next few days the new album "Ma-Ion (Formulas of Reptilian Unification)" is published. I would be interested to know how the work is designed to have your new business. Can you give us some background information on "Ma-Ion (Formulas of Reptilian Unification)"? Who was responsible for the songwriting, who had the basic ideas for the songs, as ran the samples? Can you perhaps tell us any stories you so does not even notice?


Acherontas: This time we are talking the new Work is Available. The Composing done by me, Saevus and Herophant as Usually.The ritual Themes were performed by Edgar Kerval and Jhon Longshaw.Scorpio as basic member in our Coven did the Instrumental shamanic parts and TT from abigor created the Intro Opening Rite.The artists behind Malign,Nightbriner added great vocal lines in some parts and the rest biggest part as is happening from Stutthof Era done by me.Indra from Naer Mataron participated as well in some Solos of the album.The Artwork layout in normal cd version and lp,tape did by Cold Poison AND Aural Hypnox label did the Handmade special edition of the cd Version.Also Thomas in cooperation with Descent Studios here in athens did the production. The participants recorded their parts at studios in their lands.I am more than proud for the final result in all ways.


Sturmglanz: In just a few words described, which includes the album "Ma-Ion (Formulas of Reptilian Unification)"? What has put it, which statement is behind it?


Acherontas: To make the Mortal Dream behind the Skin of matter and for few to ambrace their potential  and Shadowside.


Sturmglanz: Where do you think is the difference with the previous works?


Acherontas: I am proud for all my Childrens. But as all said and i agree is our most complete work far from all that we have done these 17   Years..These words are not to promote the new album as all bands do,but honest approach as Artist..The whole result is easily understood that the evolution ina ll ways,musical and philosophical have striken the Portals of Creation..


Sturmglanz: I also like the cover quite well. From whom this was formed, and how it fits the album, so the songs and their lyrics contained on it?


Acherontas: As i mentioned above cold poison and aural hypnox worked in the editions of release.I am proud to have such aprtners in creation.The whole layout is fanatstic as a grimoire including 25 pages booklet with lyrics and Philosophical texts.


Sturmglanz: Will there be a Vinyl version of "Ma-Ion (Formulas of Reptilian Unification)" indicate?


Acherontas: Of course double lp version gatefold with the book inside including all the infos as map so the listener to dwell in the realms of this creation.


Sturmglanz:  What does the word "Ma- IoN"?


Acherontas: Here is a part of my text in the new release booklet..No more words needs to be revealed.We shall let only our writtings inside the album speaks for themselves... Explore this world by your own truth(Maat) as this is the Secret Ion. Ma Ion is Upon Us! The great Daughter! Nuit Mother of All.. The Wombs of the Eternal Mother call... and Who shall be worthy to Stand?  Until the End that shall Coronate the Whole Dream.. Finis Coronat! Tat TvamAsi.


Sturmglanz: In this context, how do you relate your lyrics or better wondered how or what inspires you?


Acherontas: My Empirism in the path of the night over a decade now..My core of experience is the expression in Flesh and Blood through Art.


Sturmglanz: The ACHERONTAS logo on "Ma-Ion (Formulas of Reptilian Unification)" was greatly simplified. If you have now opted for a new band logo?


Acherontas: No we shall nopt cancel the old Logo.We just created a new one for this release.





Sturmglanz: Your last album is called "Amenti..." and received not only by STURMGLANZ  magazine, but also from other sites very positive response. What is your personal opinion on this album? Are you happy with it in its final version?


Acherontas: Of course ..if i was not i would nevr release it.I only create and release when i feel the need to do so.Each release has a reason of Existence..And amenti was a path to Initiation in other Portals.I am happy that the feedback was strong.


Sturmglanz: On this album, a title with the name is "Dissolution (in the Sands ov Time) ..." were written in Greek ... can you give us an understanding of the content?


Acherontas: It is like a vision and dream experience by a Mentor Tiphareth i had in past...I prefer to not spread more..It is the Journey of the Initiate towards Theosis.


Sturmglanz: Can you tell us something about the last year posted Split "Pylons of the Adversary" with PUISSANCE & ARDITI. How did this happen? What linkages are there?


Acherontas:  With these bands we support each other and i am honored as are bands taht i respect and listen over 14 years... I am honored also that i aprticipated to the Provocative art of Puissance with lyrics and singing. Shibalba is my ritual ambient band.


Sturmglanz: Standing soon or in the future to further split publications? If so, with whom will that be?


Acherontas:  A split with Horna for now that will be out on May as far i know.The stuff is ready and in the hands of wtc to release it.






Sturmglanz: Speaking of other bands and artists: What were you the most important publications in 2014 and why?


Acherontas: I am not so much into metal Scene as i have lost my interest with all these trend Kids that violate the sacred art of Occult and the Meaning of Black Metal..Over 15 years i am into Dark Ambient, Ritual Music, Classical Music and Martial neoclassical sounds.


Sturmglanz: I want to in the past. This question you have probably already have to answer a few times, but now we want to know it too: Why STUTTHOF has renamed ACHERONTAS?


Acherontas: Cause ten years i did all i wanted to do.The circle close dand serpent now formed into a new entity. The stupid Gossip Kids may think that we changed to be more acceptable. These guys have never read any of our interviews and have our releases to understand for what we stand for. We are real to those with eyes to see.


Sturmglanz: Will it someday be new material under the banner STUTTHOF?


Acherontas: No.


Sturmglanz: By now you have with WTC found a solid label. What is the contact time ever created?


Acherontas: Best label we have cooperated, Honest, True and Underground But also professionals.


Sturmglanz: Already have tickets for concerts or individual Germany planned in the near future?


Acherontas: For now Kings of Black Metal and a unique show in Leipzig.The one take palce on April and the other On November.


Sturmglanz: The last question concerns the future of ACHERONTAS. Is there something you want to achieve unconditional? A tour of Europe with a particular band, perhaps? Concrete sales?


Acherontas: No Tours. Maximum three shows in order. We have no metal attitude or ambition to become famous or earn money. We perform special shows worldwide and this shall remain Like this.


Sturmglanz: Thank you very much for your time and good luck with your further endeavors. At the end you are the last words!


Acherontas:  I thank you Mr. Xeper.



Varar Wallheim  (März 2015)

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