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Bandinterview: AD HOMINEM




Der Kaiser meldet sich eindrucksvoll mit dem fünften Album "Antitheist" zurück. Sturmglanz hatte die Möglichkeit mit acht Fragen dem Kopf von AD HOMINEM dazu zu befragen. Dieser Einladung gingen wir natürlich sehr gerne nach und dabei herausgekommen ist dieses Kurzgespräch.


Sturmglanz: Hello Kaiser. So some positive reviews and opinions of "Antitheist" are there now. As you take the media echo to: completely neutral or means you feedback something?


Kaiser: I do music for myself and for the people who like it. So I don`t care if someone doesn`t like my stuff because as a consequence, I didn`t do it for him/her. But let`s be honest, it`s always better to read good than bad stuff. Still, some good reviews are empty of sense and non constructive. I have a critical view of my works, and I admit my mistakes.


Sturmglanz: In my opinion there are at "Antitheist" a most interesting development. We hear, for example a lot of strong melodies and guitar riffs, but also some thrash parts and in a sense a very exciting dissonant minimalism. Was it your intention to make more varied the new songs in comparison to "Dictator"?


Kaiser: Ad Hominem was meant to be over, and I wanted to call my new band Antitheist. So I decided to put up classic black metal songs and black'n'roll tunes together. In the end the album is very varied and that`s a good point in my eyes. I knew it would be different from Dictator, I wanted to come back to old school riffing but also more rockish vibes. The mission is accomplished, may one like it or not.


Sturmglanz: Last year you signed with Osmose Productions. Why have this label selected and are you happy with the cooperation so far?


Kaiser: Hervé contacted me regarding the re-ed of older albums, and when I decided to go on with AdH, I asked him if he was interested. It was a big "yes" from him and our cooperation is so far as friendly as professional.


Sturmglanz: You know the business, but let's face it: If a business for AD HOMINEM or just an outlet for your personal ideology?


Kaiser: If I wanted to make money out of my band, I would do other than black metal. The money I get from the merch and sales barely allows me to buy new material for the band. So if some moron says I'm a sellout, you can kick his ass right away.





Sturmglanz: Which challenge was "Antitheist"? In other words - how much work is behind it and you can tell something about the recordings?


Kaiser: You must know that Antitheist was composed a couple of years ago but that logistics prevented me from recording earlier. Just like the other albums, I write down everything the way I want it and don`t have to rehearse, so it`s pretty easy in the end. All I need is inspiration and time.


Sturmglanz: Ebola, fears and conflict between religion and education - the topics on "Antitheist" are on a daily basis, when you look at what is happening at present. Terrorist attacks in the character of Islam, demonstrations, fighting Isis. To what extent you influenced such current topics?


Kaiser: AdH has always been a modern band. And to say the truth, after 5 albums it`s getting tough to find new topics without repeating myself. So yes I'm referring modern topics when I feel like so, but I don`t wanna use too many social topics such as Isis and such crap.


Sturmglanz: You are under attack from the German side Au over again! Indexing and performance problems are the result. Do you get this at all with what prevails here in Germany for an opinion about AD HOMINEM and how you feel about this?


Kaiser: Germany is a persecuted country. All this paranoia is so ridiculous. We've done 4 gigs in your country since the creation of AdH (yeah fuck off we made it!), and everytime it was a mess. Hopefully the surrounding countries are less annoying with extreme lyrics and the german audience can attend our gigs abroad. The silly part of it is that we do music, not political speeches. Plus we do it for a warned audience, in private venues. So who are we bothering really?? Fuck these pricks of Antifa and Government.





Sturmglanz: Industrial Sound is a component of your musical work. How important are these styles of music for you compared with Black Metal?


Kaiser: I've always been attracted my industrial sounds, but on Antitheist I didn't use them much as I wanted it to be rough and sincere. I'm used to listen many kind of music, from black metal to rock, stoner, sludge, but also metal indus and pure electronics (projects like Vitalic, Paul Kalkbrenner etc.). So you can expected uncommon things in the future. I don't impose myself any limits. I already composed a new song and it kinda reminds me of Ministry, in a more black metal way...










AD HOMINEM Facebooksseite


Varar Wallheim (Juni 2015)


...weitere Neuigkeiten

04.04.2018 ACHERONTAS veröffentlichen 2. Track vom kommenden Album

ACHERONTAS, reveal details surrounding their new studio album titled "Faustian Ethos". The album is set to be released on May 18th in Europe and May 25th in North America via Agonia Records.


As previously reported, the follow-up to "Amarta अमर्त" (2017) was recorded in three different studios in Greece, UK and Germany between 2016 and 2017 with mixing and mastering done at Pentagram Studio by George Emmanuel (Rotting Christ, Lucifer's Child).The newly-released cover artwork presented above was created by George Zafiriadis ( and the "Faustian Ethos" sigil was illustrated by VisionBlack. The tracklisting is as follows:


1. Τhe Fall of the First Pillar

2. Sorcery and the Apeiron

3. Aeonic Alchemy (Act i)

4. Faustian Ethos

5. The Old Tree and the Wise Man

6. The Alchemists of the Radiant Sepulchre (Act ii)

7. Decline of the West (O  Ιερεας και ο Ταφος)

8. Vita Nuova


ACHERONTAS commented: "Faustian Ethos...a sacrament of Devil's Art and Magic. The Coven of Acherontas enters the indisputable paths of the unspeakable to transgress the Infallible traditions beyond the mundane perception. Originally crafted during the procreation of 'Amarta', the material of 'Faustian Ethos' was chosen to become a separate entity, following a different musical and ideological approach. Eight offerings to the great and everlasting Work, eight Keys to the deepest layers of the Abyss. Exploring multiple crossroads ,the Coven return to the Western path, two years after the Union release with Nastrond. Art, religion and philosophy blend within the spectre of straight-edged and razor-sharp Black Metal, devoid of ornamental elements, reaching the very core of irredeemable Black Magical, Devilish Art. The most intense, profound and apocryphal chapter of the musical/magickal "Ma-Ion" trilogy is taking form and, like a final element, completes the alchemy of this esoteric work. Rooted deeply into the substantial core of our tradition, it invokes the Faustian spirit once again, as the Sun sets into the ruins of modernity. The triangle shall be crowned with an oak wreath and the cycle shall be completed, yet for another one to begin".


Posted on 04 Apr 2018 by Varar Wallheim /Sturmglanz



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