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Bandinterview: ENDARKEN


Neben THE STONE formiert sich gerade eine weitere Kapelle, welche es Wert ist, darüber zu berichten. ENDARKEN haben gerade mit "Tvoj je hram u srcu mom" ein grandions Okkult-Album raus gehauen, welches unverkennbar einen neuen Stil kreiert.


Sturmglanz: Hailz, first of all respect and appreciation for your new album "Tvoj je hram u srcu mom". ENDARKEN is not yet well known here in Germany. Who is ENDARKEN, when and why did you decide to start the band?


ENDARKEN: I had the need to tell a slightly different story in relation to what I did with the previous band, first of all in the sense of lyrical themes, there are some things that have been following me since I was a child so I thought it was time to express these experiences, thoughts and feelings through art as well. It was the end of December 2016 when I decided to start with Endarken although I wrote music much earlier but the end of December 2016 is the period I take as the official founding of the band. I am currently the only permanent member of Endarken so on the album I had two session musicians, N.P.V. on drums and Dušan Kljajić on solo guitar.


Sturmglanz: What is the goal of ENDARKEN? What do you want to achieve with the band?


ENDARKEN: As I said in the previous answer, I had the need to present a different story in relation to Samrt so I would like to connect as many people as possible with the atmosphere and story of Endarken, not only on this album, but also on what lies ahead. Endarken is the envoy of darkness, the bearer of the black flame so everyone are invited to help us bear the flame around the world.


Sturmglanz: Are you satisfied with the result of "Tvoj je hram u srcu mom"? Can you report on the recordings?


ENDARKEN: I'm very satisfied, the production is very good, the atmosphere is dark, it fits into the whole story and vision of album and generally everything turned out to be what I thought would be best for this album and what I had in mind from the beginning. "Tvoj je hram u srcu mom" was recorded in my hometown Apatin in studio "Nav", it is a studio of a longtime friend and man who played with me in Samrt, he actually encouraged me and helped me to record the first songs with Samrt back in 2007, afterward we had a few more recordings with Samrt in his studio and here we continued our cooperation with Endarken and we are both satisfied with the final result.


Sturmglanz: The atmosphere is very martial and down to earth. What ideas and thoughts did you want to include in yours and what was important to you when you said "Tvoj je hram u srcu mom"? hates written? What concept and lyrics do you use on "Tvoj je hram u srcu mom"?


ENDARKEN: The title of the album says that I have settled the connection with Him in the depths of my heart. Lyrics are based on His presence in everything that surrounds us, in the source of every kind of energy, in the life-creating power, in the force which extinguishes life. The whole album is dedicated to the omnipresent indestructible force which is the source of life and death. There is also some views on humanity and their extremely bad attitude towards the planet, nature and life and their lack of understanding of the true path because their minds are blinded by looking into the false light.


Sturmglanz:  If the cover on "Tvoj je hram u srcu mom" is terrific. Which statements are behind this? Who created it?


ENDARKEN: It was created spontaneously while I was browsing photos from a photo session for promotional material and booklet. I realized that this photo would be great for the cover so I decided to use it, I added some details and we got simple but effective cover. I wanted something that would make it as direct as possible what is album all about so I think I got it with this cover, when you look at it clearly tells you – Satanism.






Sturmglanz: The new CD is unfortunately very rare to get here in Europe. That's probably because you decided to go with Blackest Ink Recordings for an unknown label. How did you make that decision and are you satisfied?


ENDARKEN: Blackest Ink Recordings is operated by myself. I wanted to run the record label for a long time, it always attracted me and when I finally decided to start with it I thought that before I start working with other bands it would be best to start with my own band so that later  bands could see what they could expect from Blackest Ink Recordings. Since the band and record label are new, it takes some time for the story to reach people so at the beginning of course the response was smaller but as time moves the interest is getting bigger and I'm very glad that from day to day I see more and more positive reactions for the album. As far as CD availability is concerned, I am currently working on the distribution and soon the album should be available through several distributions in Europe. For now, CD is availabe in Germany via Obscure Abhorrence, in Finland via Northern Heritage and in Slovenia via On Parole.


Sturmglanz: You may have heard some comparisons of your style to other Black Metal bands - do you think the sound is unique, or are there any parallels?


ENDARKEN: It's very hard to be unique today, much has already been said and played, there is little room left for originality without going in a direction that would no longer be black metal. While writing music for this album, the most important thing for me was to write a good album, I did not think so much about it should sound unique, if someone sees and hears the album as unique and original well that is great. So far in some reviews we were described as something fresh, in others we were compared with some bands, some reviewers described our sound as old school black metal with a touch of some modern moments and I'm glad to see that people in different ways experience the album but to be honest I don’t see this album as something unique or original, there are definitely parallels with other bands but I do not think it's a minus, I'm very satisfied with the songs and the album as a whole.


Sturmglanz: What role does music play in your life, and what feelings and images come to mind when you listen to your music?


ENDARKEN: Music is very important for me, I can not imagine a day without music, it is inspiring for all aspects of life, it’s psychotherapeutic, I do not experience it only with a sense of hearing but with my whole body. I look at music as something spiritual, and that's how I experience it while listening to it, while I play or compose. There is not a big difference when I listen to my own or somebody's music, I indulge in the atmosphere of songs and meditate.


Sturmglanz: Do you ever see ENDARKEN standing on a stage?


ENDARKEN: Of course, we plan to present the band live, I'm not sure when this will exactly happen but we will try to be as soon as possible.






Sturmglanz: You are from Serbia! Is there a black metal scene there? Other than THE STONE, I do not know anything about the area?


ENDARKEN: Yes, The Stone is certainly the most famous band from this region, working for over 20 years successfully and their dedication is really admirable and they are the only band that do not have large time intervals between releases so it can not be said that we have a stable black metal scene because unfortunately many bands do not work constantly because here we have economic problems for decades, so it is extremely difficult to get money for a studio or for a tour and this is the main reason why most bands stop with their work or work with longer pauses between releases, many therefore lose patience, which often leads to loss of interest. But we have a really good bands that are worth following, such as Ophidian Coil, Zloslut, Kozeljnik, Kolac, Svartgren, All My Sins, Mor to name a few, also beside Endarken I play in Samrt as I mentioned earlier, so check out all these bands, they're really great. And I must mention another band that unfortunately does not exist anymore because Bojan has left this world too early, but you really have to check out Maroth, that band was pure gold. I think there are a few of their songs on YouTube so check it out.


Sturmglanz: What does your life look like within the Serbian borders? Can you combine Black Metal with your real life?


ENDARKEN: Black metal is my real life, music in general, I like to create, everything else is something that must be done to survive, such as going to work. As I mentioned in the answer to the previous question, here we have a difficult economic situation for a long period of time so life in Serbia is an eternal struggle, a struggle for a better life, a struggle for a more dignified life. Serbia is a beautiful country with a lot of potential but politicians are corrupted to the core and destroy everything that's worth.


Sturmglanz: How do you associate a deeply religious home with satanic Black Metal?


ENDARKEN: I do not see Serbia as deeply religious because during the time of Yugoslavia there was communism here, and religion was suppressed in the underground, it was not desirable to be seen to go to church. During the disintegration of Yugoslavia people began to publicly display religious affiliation, but it was politically infiltrated, because the politicians in Serbia, Croatia and Bosnia needed a reason to prove differences that would justify the break-up of the state and wars so they used, among other things, religious divisions, because this obviously always do the best job when it comes to fooling people. So, today there is a small percentage of people who really respect all church customs and who live according to some church, religious norms, for most it is just a fashion trend.






Sturmglanz: Do you already have some ideas for the next album or is this currently rather minor?


ENDARKEN: Yes, of course, we have ideas for a couple of releases, much of the music has already been written so I hope that it will not be a long time before we enter the studio.


Sturmglanz: Thank you for the interview! Do you have any last words left?


ENDARKEN: I would like to thank you for the interview and the opportunity to present Endarken to your readers.


Varar Wallheim (Mai 2018)



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